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Tuesday, November 27 2018
It's not too late!

Did you miss out on the holiday rush?  There is still time!  People are now going to focus on Christmas.  You have less than 4 weeks to get things up and running and book those clients!  Get started today.  People are going to be looking for house cleaners, errand runners, pet sitters, dog walkers, yard work, etc.  Ask me how to get started:

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Saturday, October 20 2018

Image result for holidays are comingThe holidays are approaching! Now is the time to get your bookings ready! Call your current customers and let them know you fill up fast this time of the year, so schedule now to be sure you get the date you want. This will put some fire into their decision and hopefully get you all booked up for the season 

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Tuesday, September 04 2018

Go for it! Be your own boss! I can help you get started. Just message me for help!

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Sunday, August 19 2018

Summer is coming to a close....I's so sad . But, that means, now that vacations are ending and school is starting, there is more time for you to work on your own business. Do you want to make more money, gain more customers, revamp your business or start a business? Don't be afraid to leave that comfort zone. Go for it. Make that change. We are here to help. Message me for more details.Image result for leave your comfort zone

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Saturday, July 07 2018

In the essence of trying to save some money, we have changed our phone number.  It is no longer an 877 number.  If this poses a problem to anyone, especially our overseas customers, please send us an email instead.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some customers.  Please bare with us as we update our website with the phone number as well as outside sources. Our new number is 484-348-4233.


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Tuesday, June 12 2018

I never solicit testimonials but it is so uplifting when someone takes the time out of their day to send me a message about the product they ordered.  Thank you JoAnn :)

"I just wanted to tell you I downloaded your plus package today for my pet sitting business.  I have been in business for 3 years and have never found forms I was truly comfortable with.  They were either too extensive, too much on the contract form, unnecessary info, missing needed info.  These forms look good, the print is large enough to easily read, and there is ample room to fill out the info.  They are concise and to the point.  I love that everything is separate so you can tailor the packet to fit the client.  Its awesome!!  I am now able to say I can stop looking for new forms.  Thank you so much for simplifying this part of my business!!!
JoAnn Navarre, Owner of Two Pups in a Pod in Cape Coral, FL"


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Thursday, May 31 2018

That first step is the hardest.  You know you want to do it, you know you can do it, but you are still scared.  I get it.  Sometimes you just have to rip that bandaid off.  Go after what it is you want.  Be free of all the office politics and the water cooler talk.  Be your own boss and enjoy your job.  You only have one life right?  Why not live it doing what you enjoy.  If you need any help, we are here for you.  Just reach out and we can stear you in the right direction to get your own business started.  Contact us at

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Tuesday, January 09 2018

It's the start of a new year.   A perfect time to reflect on your past year and make goals for the next.  So, what do you want to do next?  Maybe it's start a new business.  Maybe it's grow your current business.  Sit down and think about it for about 10 minutes and write down what comes to mind.  Do this periodically and save these little notes to reflect on at the end of the year.  Happy 2018!

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Tuesday, October 11 2016

I know it's hard to think about the holidays yet but Thanksgiving is only 6 weeks away.  It may seem like a lot, but you know how time flies!  Time to get cracking down on getting those holiday clients to fill up your books.  Make sure you are ready to show your customers how professional you are with your professional forms :).

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Wednesday, April 06 2016

Trouble enforcing your cancellation fees/late fees?  read this:

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