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About the Owner:  Hello All.  My name is Stacy Hansen (that is me in the corner there).  I am the owner of Home Business Forms.  I have been running this website for over 20 years now.  Here is a bit of my background:  I am a graduate of Arizona State University.  I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology.  I decided to put my career on hold and be a stay at home mom.  In the process, I started my own pet sitting and dog walking business.  When I started out, I could not find any business forms that were up to my expectations.  It took me months to initially develop my own forms and years of continuous perfection.  To make it easier for those who are starting out or want to refresh their paperwork, I decided to market mine. My product list has since grown tremendously as I wanted to provide other small business owners with professional business forms.  I have researched all the businesses in which I offer forms for extensively and pretty much know them inside and out.  I continuously keep up with what is going on in the world with all these businesses.  I hear straight from other business owners and incorporate all that into my forms to make them even better and more complete.  I do have other partners associated with the site from desktop support to advertising support, but I am the sole person you will deal with.  I develop and personalize all forms myself and will also answer all questions personally.  If you ever have any questions about myself or my forms, feel free to ask.

Now about the store:

Products:  For easy navigating, go to the home page and scroll down to click on the service you are interested in offering.  Available for easy ordering are Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Animal Boarding/Day Care, Aquarium Maintenance, Pet Taxi, House Sitting, Dog Training, Waste Removal, Pet Photography, Residential House Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Stripping/Waxing and Commercial Cleaning Forms including office, restaurant, car dealerships, day care centers, post construction and apartment cleaning.  We also have day care facility, errand/concierge and assisted living facility as well as residential and commercial inspection, vendor advertising, masonry and much more.  We also deal with all areas of employee relations such as Independent Contractor, applications, general business letters and more. 

Home Business Forms can develop all types of forms including contracts, invoices, proposals, etc.  If you don't see it, just ask for it.  We offer many different packages with tons of forms at very low prices.  Don't be fooled by those offering packages with unnecessary items (ie. recipes, start your own business guides, etc.).  You are paying for stuff which is already free and widely available on this website and the internet.  These packages are strictly the paperwork you will need to "get clients" and run a successful business. 

These business forms are not generic, cookie cutter forms.  The information included in these forms are very specific to your business.

 Shopping:  Shopping is easy at Home Business Forms.  You can click on the service you are interested in offering on the home page or go to the products page and go to the category you are looking for.  Take a look at all we have to offer.  You can click on the name of each package or form for more information about what you are looking at.  Once you decide on what you would like, click "add to cart".  When you are done shopping, click checkout and follow instructions.  If you need help with your order selection, just send us an email or call us and we will suggest the best package for you and your business.

Customization:  You have the option to either customize the forms yourself with your business information or we can do it for you, for a small fee.  The second page of the checkout will ask you for all of your business information.  We will then personally go through each form and place your business information on it.  It is not done automatically.  Once we finish, we will email the forms to you personally.

Shipping:  We offer immediate downloads with our forms. We do not mail out the forms. 

Payment Options:  Home Business Forms accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover on our secure site.  

Returns:  Due to the nature of the materials, refunds are not given under any circumstances.  If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will do everything possible to make you happy.  Please let us know within 5 days of your purchase if you have any problems.  We have been in business for over 18 years now and are one of the original sellers of these products.  We are also very customer service oriented and strive to make each and every customer extremely pleased with their purchase.  Be sure to read our testimonials from actual customers to see what they have said about our products.

Comments/Questions:  All questions are answered within 24 hours or less.  We try to be as prompt as possible.  Please read the main faq section or the faq section in the service area you are looking at as many of your questions may be answered there.  If you do not get a reply, one of two things happened:  your email address was typed in wrong or the reply is getting returned undeliverable.  If this happens, we apologize for not being able to reply, but please know that we tried.  You may send your questions again.  Please make sure your email address is correct and complete (  If you still don't get a reply, you may want to try providing a different email address.

Contacting Us:  Please call us or text us at 484-348-4233.  *Please note, this number has been receiving too many spam calls so it is not answered but it is monitored.  Please leave a message and we will call you back or for even faster service, please text the same number.  You can also go to the contact us page and send us an email.  We respond to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours, most times sooner.

Safety/Privacy:  Home Business Forms respects your privacy and never gives out nor sells any of your personal information.  Your order and payment information is submitted via a secure site, so all your information is safe.

Personal Background:  Home Business Forms started out as a pet sitting & dog walking company.  We spent many months developing the initial paperwork and years modifying them as our business grew.  After discontinuing the business, we thought about how difficult and/or time consuming it must be for others to develop the paperwork they need to operate their business.  Therefore, we developed a desire to help others.  We started out with just pet sitting, but got many requests for other types of businesses.  Because of these requests, our store inventory grew to what it is today.  All forms have been approved by the professionals working in their respective fields.  We hope we have helped you on an easier path to your business start-up!

Thank you for visiting Home Business Forms.  We hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!

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