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Thursday, September 20 2007

If you missed the live Podcast with Gene Sower of, click the following link:, scroll down to past episodes and listen to "Meet the PETPRO forum moderator" from September 20th, 2007.

In this podcast I discuss the PetPro discussion forum, the background behind my site (Home Business Forms ) as well as what it takes to run a pet sitting business.



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Friday, September 14 2007
A new form has been added to the general section of the site:  It is called the Walk Thru Sales Letter.  This form is used for cleaning businesses.  It is a sales letter designed for those who were in a store and noticed they could use your services.  Let's say you went to a pizza joint and noticed the windows were filthy.  You would go home and print this letter up inputting that they need their windows cleaned.  This is a nice way of introducing your business and showing you care about the condition of the buildings you enter and so do other customers.
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Saturday, September 01 2007

We have a new newsletter subscription we will be sending out.  Be sure to sign up today.  Click the join now button in the right hand margin.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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