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Frequently Asked Questions 

The following is general business FAQs.  These will help you understand about the product you are ordering or thinking of ordering.  If you need information related to the business you are starting or are involved in, please go to the category related to that business and read the FAQ section for that business.

If you have any questions not listed here or in the other FAQ sections, feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to help!

 How soon do you respond to emails?
Responses are sent out within 24 hours or less (most times within the hour). If you do not receive a response, check your bulk or spam mail folder. If it is still not there, your mail may be getting returned to us undeliverable. You are free to try again with a new email address, give us a call or you can talk to us using live chat. We answer ALL emails, however, a bulk of them do get returned to us undeliverable.  back to top

 Can I talk to a live person?
Yes, you can call us at 484-348-4233. Our business hours are 9am to 4pm EST Monday thru Friday. You can also talk to us with live chat...just click the live chat box to the right.  back to top

 I have too many items in my cart. How do I fix this?
In the upper right hand corner will be your shopping cart. Click that and then click the red "x" next to the items you need to remove. If you are on the last page of the checkout and want to remove something, you will have to go back to the homepage to reach your shopping cart.  back to top

 Are these forms suitable for other countries besides the US?
Yes, there is nothing country nor state specific in any of the forms. The forms are written specifically for the industry. They will work in any country. However, at this time, they are only available in English.  back to top

 When will I receive my forms?
The forms are available immediately after you place the order via download. If you would like us to customize the forms for you, the forms will be delivered within 3 business days or less, weekends excluded, via email.

If it has been 3 business days and you have not received your forms, please check your bulk, spam or junk mail folder. You also may need to set your email to allow messages from Please send us an email or call us if you have not received the forms. We will send them again right away.  back to top

 I have a meeting with a client in a couple of hours, what can I do?
We have made the forms available for immediate download for your convenience. If you would like them customized for you and need them right away, please give us a call to see if that is possible. If you get voicemail, please leave that in a message. You can also email us. We are very quick to answer calls and emails.  back to top

 What if I don't have the programs needed to open these forms?
Most forms are created in Microsoft Word. The forms are also sent in PDF format. If you do not have Word, there is a free evaluation you can download here. You can also go to and search for the Word Viewer. This is a free download which will allow you to edit, view and print your files. You can also use Google Documents. If you do not want to download the program, the library generally carries those programs as well.  back to top

 How do I send you my business information and logo?
The checkout process is very detailed and will ask you for all your business information. The information you enter during checkout is used to personalize the forms. All forms have the following header: business name, contact name, phone number and email address. If you have a logo, you would email it to us and attach it to your email as a jpg file or equivalent and send to If you need help, just call or email.  back to top

 How does the immediate download work?
Once you place your order, you will be taken to a new page where it thanks you for your order. That is the page where you can find your link for the forms. We have detailed that page to help you download the forms. If you have any trouble, just let us know and we will email them to you instead.  back to top

 I am not very computer savvy. Will you make any modifications to the forms once I receive them?
If you would like us to modify your forms even further to fit your personal taste, we can do that. We charge a starting rate of $2 per form depending on what you would like done. Just contact us to make arrangements.  back to top

 Why should I order from your store and not somewhere else?
Our testimonials. speak for themselves. We have very professional, very detailed forms which your customers will be very pleased with. We offer you complete packages from A-Z. You can be rest assured you are purchasing quality products from a reputable business. These are not generic business forms that you can use with any type of business. They are specific to the business you are starting.

Home Business forms not only offers you all the forms you will need to run a successful business, we offer a time-saving package. With all forms, we customized them for you. This way, when you receive the forms, you will be all ready to go. You will NOT need to enter any of your personal business information. It will already be there. You also get flyers already personalized with your business information.

Not only will you get the forms, you get FREE ongoing support. We are there for you till the end. If you need anything...advice, help, support...anything...we are there for you for free...for a lifetime.

We have also set up discussion groups so that you may talk with other professionals in your field.

We are the original small business forms website with many years of experience behind us!  back to top

 What sort of experience do you have with writing these forms?
Home Business Forms started out as a pet sitting & dog walking company. After developing our own forms and spending years modifying them, we decided to make them available to those who do not know where to start or just do not have the time or resources to develop their own. After setting up a store, we started getting inquiries for other types of paperwork including other businesses. We researched these businesses and developed new forms all of which were approved by business owners and their clients within their respective fields. We have personal experience in all the fields in which we provide business forms.  back to top

 Can I see a sample of the forms before I purchase?
We have put a sample of each form on the site. All you have to do is click the title of each individual form located below the packages in each section. You can see the layout and how much information is on each this way. If you have any additional questions about what is in them, feel free to ask. We do not have the forms posted to protect against copyright laws. We, also, will not transfer it to Adobe so you can see a sample. If you would like us to read it to you, we can do that for you if you give us a call.  back to top

 I do not like to order things off the internet. Can I send a check or money order?
Sorry, we only accept credit cards over our secure site.  back to top

 I don't like to put my personal information on the internet. Can I order with you personally?
Even if you call us to place the order, we would still go to the same website to place the order. Our site is secure (see the lock next to the URL at the top of your screen) so your information is safe.  back to top

 What if I am unhappy with the forms once I receive them?
We want every one of our customers to have the best experience possible. We will do everything we can to correct the problem. Please notify us within 5 days of receipt with any problems you may have. Please note, due to the nature of the materials, there are no refunds.  back to top

 What is your return policy?
Because of the nature of the material, we do not offer refunds or returns. We provide the forms in an editable format so that you are able to manipulate them and move things around, add/delete, to your liking.   back to top

 My computer crashed and I lost all my files. What can you do?
It is highly recommended to save your files to an external source such as a USB stick. You can also email the files to yourself so that you can re-download them to your computer. If it has been less than six months since your order, we can re-send them to you. After that, you must re-order them.  back to top

 Do you offer more forms other than the ones listed on the site?
Home Business Forms offers custom made forms. If you have an idea for a form you would like, just drop us a line and we will tell you what we can do for you. We can also make a custom proposal fit for your next bid. Just give us a call or email with the bid details and we will make it up for you.  back to top

 What is the difference between a service agreement and a contract?
There really is no difference in terms of the actual paperwork and wording. Clients feel a contract is more binding than an agreement and may feel more tied down and trapped. Therefore, we call our contracts agreements, estimates or proposals to ease your client's mind. They are still just as binding legally.  back to top

 I need help with starting my business, can you help?
Yes, we have set up an FAQ page for each category we offer forms in. Please go to the category you are interested in and click on the faq link. We have also written articles located on the home page in the right hand margin. If you still need help, click here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  back to top

 Do you design logos?
Sorry, we do not currently provide custom logo design. If you have a logo already designed, we would be happy to place it on the forms for you when you select for us to customize the forms for you.  back to top

 Do you design websites?
Yes! We charge a low one time fee for the design work. Please click here for more information.  back to top

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