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Here are actual reviews from our past customers. 

We would like to thank our customers for taking the time to write to us and let us know how we are doing!

"I just wanted to tell you I downloaded your plus package today for my pet sitting business.  I have been in business for 3 years and have never found forms I was truly comfortable with.  They were either too extensive, too much on the contract form, unnecessary info, missing needed info.  These forms look good, the print is large enough to easily read, and there is ample room to fill out the info.  They are concise and to the point.  I love that everything is separate so you can tailor the packet to fit the client.  Its awesome!!  I am now able to say I can stop looking for new forms.  Thank you so much for simplifying this part of my business!!!"
JoAnn Navarre, Owner of Two Pups in a Pod in Cape Coral, FL

"I give this business 5 stars. They are professional and offer the best forms that fit your business. Even after two years I lost my forms and they kindly resent them not once but twice. Seriously can't refeer this business enough thank you

Peachy Kleen CDA IDAHO."

"Hi Stacey, Oh my goodness I'm so impressed with what you've done!!!! They are so much better than I expected, and I'm am so grateful as I feel a huge weight has lifted from me now. I was trying to make up my own forms all week but I was having a lot of difficulty as I'm not very good with computer graphics and all that stuff, so I was stressing about it.  And there is so much more that you have included that I hadnt thought of so its just superb! outstanding!! and it looks all so professional. So, thank you again, if I could give you a hug I would!" Beverley, NZ 5/2016

"I wanted to express my appreciation for Stacy and her website, including the forms, that were just wonderful. I can't say enough how professional, helpful and kind Stacy is. She is a pleasure to do business with and is truly one of the most helpful people out there. When so many people promise things and don't deliver, you start to not trust and believe what they promise but not Stacy, she really does what she says and beyond. Her forms are professional and explain everything from beginning to end. You really can't ask for more. Also, she is very quick to respond to every email. I can only say that you will not regret working with her or using her forms. She has made small business ownership a possibility for a lot of people that couldn't do it without her help. Three words to describe her- professional, knowledgable and kind. Thank you so much!" Marie Albert, Animal Au Pair, LLC

"Stacy at Home Business Forms provides an indispensable service if you are thinking of starting a career in Dog Walking, Dog Boarding or a Pet Services related business of any kind.  Simply put, you don't want to start your business without these forms. 

I've been training and caring for dogs my entire life as a passion, but never professionally.  So I was very confident in my ability to provide a service that would help people care for their pets.  However, I had no confidence in my ability to start a business, build a web site, nor market myself.  I had no idea how to build a clientele.  What's more, after purchasing her Pet Care Pro package and reading through all of the forms, I saw that there were dozens and dozens of considerations that would never have occurred to me; considerations ranging from service possibilities to legal considerations.  

Simply reading her forms helped me immeasurably to hone in on which services I wanted to provide, to formulate a strategy for pricing and to cover myself against possible problems. 

I opted to pay for the additional service of her adding my name and logo to all of the forms.  She turned these around in very short order.  And if you're a computer idiot like I am, you may want to think about this.  Now there's a consistent look to my forms, my card and my website.  They all look extremely professional.   

Additionally, Stacy spent a considerable amount of time with me on the telephone and by email - before I'd even spent a dime on the package - answering questions and giving me feedback about my business plan, my company name and my logo.  I always heard back with minutes and she patiently walked me through the entire process. 

I can't say enough about the quality of service.  My phone has been ringing ever since I started up and Stacy was such a big part of the reason why." 12/13 Darrell's Pets

"My husband and I are preparing to open our first business in eight months. We were feeling very stressed just thinking about all the forms that we were going to have to take time and create. Since we brought your product,  I am able every day to edit your forms to fit the needs of our company. The Ultra package contains everything we need and more!  Thank you for offering such a great product!" 12/13 Oduor Family

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!  I just downloaded and saved the forms.  Your forms are awesome.  You were so quick with getting these to me when I ordered them.  I think you sent them the same day!!!  I'm so appreciative to have you and your help.  Like I said before, I'm not that great with the computer.  The way the forms look and what they say are great.  Everything a business owner would need.  Also, your directions to edit, download and save the forms are so easy to follow.  Thanks again for everything.  You surely are appreciated.  Have a great day :))" Kimberly 1/13

"I checked out all the forms and I LOVE them! You have saved me a TON of work! Now I get to spend my time doing what I like to do! Thank you again!!! " Christina 6/2012

"Thank you so much for saving and sending this to me. Your forms have really helped me and my business. Being new to the pet services industry, it is nice that you cover most of the problems that may arise. I would never have thought of these precautions until it would have happened to me. I would not be as successful as I am without your help." Carol Anne Waggin' Tails 5/2012

"After avoiding the arduous task of getting my business on track with correct paperwork - until deadlines were killing me with the stress, I was absolutely thrilled to stumble across these forms... they have changed the face of my business overnight and the support has been fantastic. Being a perfectionist, I can without a doubt recommend these forms to anyone wanting a professional edge to their venture. They really do cover everything and I will be a confidently returning customer when I'm ready for a website. Thanks Stacy for saving my sanity." Kylie Mainard, PETWERX - Pet Care Service, Australia. 9/2011

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Stacy Hansen from and I want to take this opportunity to share with you that Home Business Forms provided superb customer service. She was professional in all her dealings with me and went above and beyond to provide a service I was happy with. I couldn't be happier with the experience I had with the Home Business Forms company. Stacy's actions speak volumes about your company. It is refreshing to know that customer service is still considered a top priority for for some. I would definitely do business with you again." Chris Newcomb

"Stacy is wonderful and her follow through is incomparable. She gets back to you incredibly fast and even though I hung up on her thinking she was a telemarketer, she kept calling back.  Her forms are so well put together and so easy to use. I was having trouble opening a couple of them and she emailed them to me right away in a format that I could open. I searched many websites for this type of information and I kept going back to Stacy’s site as it was the most complete and was very easy to navigate.  I would highly recommend her and her website if you ever need any forms on how to start a home based business, she is the best out there. She is a pleasure to do business with and I can’t wait to get started on my dog walking business.      Thank you Stacy for doing a great job and having a site like this to help people get started, especially when they are unemployed and have to re-invent their talents.  Sincerely, Jan Nelson (a new fan and customer)" 2/11 

"I own a small Dog training buisness!  In that I had to do much of the paper work myself having only a few employees.   Lawyers were too expensive to hire to have better papers drawn up and the generic forms were not specific enough for my business!  The forms I had for myself were great till an employee accidently corrupted our computer and I LOST EVERYTHING!!  Client information, invoices even some records!  It literaly almost ended me!   But then I found the HOME BUISNESS FORMS from searching the web.  And not only were they fairly priced (More than fair), when Stacy sent them to me, I was BLOWN AWAY!!!  They were wonderfull!!!  Cute and welcoming yet still professional and worded perfectly for the pet care industry!!   She even worked with me over the phone to make them absolutley perfect!!!   I have been in the buisness since I was 15 and some high end animal care facilities don't have forms like this that are so easy to read and fill out not to mention cover both my business and my client's rights!!  You saved my buisness!!  Thank you a million times!!" Tiffany Waterfield, Tall Tails Pets 10/10

"Just want to thank you for the great business forms for my pet care business. I ordered them and recived them yesterday. I am impressed.  Just starting my business and these forms are so helpful -- love the flyer."  Richard, Mister Pet Care 7/10

 "I received business forms for my dog walking business and I do not know what I would do without them! I have a client who's owners are both lawyers (one is a contract lawyer) and they commented that they could not break the contracts if they tried in court!!! Thankfully I have never had a reason for anyone to need to break them! These forms help to make me more professional and many comments have been made by my clients that they are more comfortable with me than others they have interviewed for the simple fact that I have all my ducks in a row with my paperwork!"  Barbara, Schmoopie's Dog Service, South Shore MA 11/09


"I received the forms all perfectly, and they are Fantastic. I want to sincerely THANKYOU so much for all your help and such a great package.  I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into them.  I had no need to worry at all, I am so glad I came across your site."  Annie, Australia 10/09


"WOW!!!  Thanks.  You have contributed to my success."  Sue, Happy Trails 10/09


"You have a wonderful service and everything is so specific and well done, and the extra courtesy of applying my logo, and offering assistance to us computer challanged folks is above and beyond. I will certainly mention your site to others needing forms.  I am looking forward to checking out other services on the website I am now added to, and appreciate that forum as well."  Eco-Efficient Clean 5/09


"This is amazing, thank you so much because this is going to save me so much time. If i would have seen all these forms all at once i would have expected to pay way more than 40 dollars, thank you for all the help." -Pacific Dog Walkers

"Thank you SO MUCH for getting the form to us so quickly. I wish we had found your site sooner, as your service agreement is by far the best one we've seen (and we've looked at a lot!). It's professional, user-friendly and just plain good looking. We just finished tweaking it a bit and we're thrilled at the way it turned out. We've bookmarked your site and will be coming back often!"  Best wishes, Kathi and Shannon Pixie Pet Care 3/09

"I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate your business forms.  I at first didn't want to spend so much money on them but WOW they were worth the money.  Originally, I was going to buy each set of forms as needed when people started to call for services..well 1. you made it so much easier to have everything in a nice little convenient package.  2.  Having the forms all ready to go and not having to order all of them until someone called not only saved me time and money and also fretting over if I would get the forms in time. You have helped increase the start up of my business and also have made my customers feel they have an extra sense of security..I have gotten so many compliments on how professional my forms are and how they cover everything..they do not feel like they hired the girl next door to watch their beloved pets or home...they feel I am a makes me feel good when people take me serious about my business..especially since most people think this is a college or neighborhood kid kind of job..that we are not a real business..  I get more compliments on how organized I am and how thorough my forms are.  Thanks for making that part of my business easy for me..I get to enjoy spending time with my clients' furbabies and not trying to set up forms...Thanks so much." Shadow & Marty's Puppy Pantry & Services 11/08


"The forms are absolutely beautiful. I was so concerned spending 150.00 on forms after just losing 210.00 last week to ....(which by the way, please never refer a customer to them, its a joke)."  11/08


"I am so appreciative of this service and how extremely helpful and prompt Stacy the owner is in responding to my questions/concerns. I found ALL of the forms to be very professional and I would not have even known to have the majority of these forms included in my business forms. I can not Thank Stacy enough for offering a service such as this. As many of us know time is money, and Stacy saved me much research time and made my life much easier to start my own service more promptly.  Please do not hesitate in using this online service. I know you will be pleasantly surprised by how efficient and professional the forms are. Also Stacy is EXCELLENT about responding to any questions you may have and making sure you are satisfied with her business!!!!  A very satisfied and long-term customer; Sincerely, Erin B.Massachusetts" 10/08

"I have already looked through the forms and they are exceptional! I have three kids and two huskies and it would have taken me forever to have the proper forms drawn up myself. They are super easy to use and edit which is a real bonus! You have made it so much easier for me to start up my business right away. Thanks so much Stacy!!!"  Maureen 9/08

"These forms look fantastic. I really appreciate the assistance. The Instructions for Combo Cleaning Package is invaluable."  Becky in IL 8/08

"I had never been a big fan of ordering things over the Internet, that nagging feeling thinking things won't be what I expected, so you can imagine my frustration when my forms didn't open right when I got them. I sent Stacy a scathing e-mail, not expecting much of a response.  WAS I EVER WRONG. Stacy got back to me quicker than I expected, even working over the weekend to help me correct the problems I was having, Turns out the problems were my mistake, but Stacy was more than gracious and helpful. She even resent me some forms so I could start work on Monday with no problems with VERY professional looking forms. She has done her homework well, the forms she sells fill every need of my business. MY APPOLOGIES TO STACY FOR DOUBTING HER WORK. I will recommend her to anyone who is in need of GREAT forms fast." Jerry,  Gainesville, Florida PowerClean LLC - 7/08.

"I visited a new vet in my area...They asked if I had service contracts for my clients and asked for vet release forms and such too.  I took my forms to them...They were very impressed and were very happy to have me as a referral for their clients that come through their clinic....They said your form package is very good.   Congrats on supplying us with great forms!  Thanks again for all your help." Linda H. Never Alone Pets, OR - 6/08

"I am very impressed, some of the forms i had already made myself but the package is really good value.  I am well chuffed with it all, I expected to edit everything myself but you done it all for me, I am really really satisfied and happy with my purchase."  Tamara- London, England 6-08


I probably shouldn't say but you should charge more for this!


"WOW!  I am so impressed by the work you've done.  Thank you sooooo much.  Your forms have given me confidence in my business and have saved me a ton of time!   I can't express my gratitude enough.  I will definitely pass on your name and contact info to others needing your services.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." Brandy, 6/08


"I just have to say these forms are awesome!  I think it's the best money I've spent so far!  Great job!  Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly!!" Courtney, Four Out the Door 6/08


"Thank you very much for the forms and the flyer (which was a nice surprise).  It appears that I have what I need and much more to start up.  Definitely worth the $42.99.  The instructions were very clear and concise, and covered everything possible.  Also, getting them by email was really fast and easy, and everything loaded up perfectly.  I'll keep you posted on my success!!"  Bev 6/08


"I purchased a pet sitting package from your online store.  I first want to say thank you.  The package was more than I imagined!  I thought it would be 2 or 3 forms, but it wasn't. It's amazing and my clients love that my forms are so thorough and professional!"  Rebekah TLC Cleaning & Pet Care 5/08

"Wow!  Your forms are amazing!  You seem to have thought of everything, and it is all so helpful.

Thank you so much for providing such a great service."  Philippa in Hawaii 4/08

"Hi Stacy, I received the CD, and i must say it's great. This is a BIG, BIG help for me on the paper work side. It is like having a lawyer type it up for me, only thing is it was much cheaper. I must say Good job i am very pleased."  Josephine in Bermuda 3/08

"Thank you Stacy! The forms you sent are perfect and exactly what I was looking for! You just saved me hours of work. Your service is very valuable and I will recommend your service to others starting a business!" Joy Renaissance Well Care 02/08

"Thanks much for the forms.  They are very comprehensive and well-articulated.  I'm very happy with them.  You definitely saved me lots of time wondering about wording and formatting."  Alison 1/08

"This package rocks!!! It is all the legal forms I needed, thank you. I have a Pet Sitting biz already, but have been wanting to branch out to dog walking. This package is complete and has all the forms I was looking for. Thanks for providing such a great service. This was well worth the money!!!!! Janae Perfectly Pampered Pups" (6/07)

"Just wanted to let you know I was very happy with your product!!!  Definitely more of what I was looking for than the other ones I mentioned to you. You do good work." Thanks, Cathy K. K9sRule 8/07

"The business forms are VERY PROFESSIONAL and will save me a great deal of work.  Thanks soooooo much!"  Cathy- Purely Natural Cleaning Service 11/07

"Thanks so much for all of your help! What a blessing you are! With your invaluable forms and guidance, you have enabled me to start my new business quickly and with confidence and ease truly are a blessing. Rosalie 11/07"

"These are excellent and just what we were looking for too!  I'm very well versed in Word and more than likely could have developed the forms myself. However, your terrific expertise saved me a lot of time and frustration. LOL. It would have taken me months to develop any of these forms. I salute you Madame Stacy...and I thank you so much for getting everything to me so quickly. I felt bad because I know your hours said until 4 p.m. I know you worked past your time and I really appreciate the 100% customer service.  Also, thanks for offering assistance. I'm sure that we will have questions along the way and if you don't mind answering questions, I sure will ask. I feel like I made a new friend today and I hope you do too.  "Terry PetSitters-R-Us 10/07

"Just wanted to let you know I received the Pet care package, and it's great. There are so many things in it that I really hadn't thought of. It is certainly going to help me get my new venture off the ground properly and professionally.!!" Gail, Australia 9/07

"Hi Stacy, I just wanted to send a little note to you to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!  These are fabulous!  Your forms cover everything! (and a lot of stuff I never thought about)  I have my first client this weekend and I feel much more confident in that I'll look a lot more professional.  God Bless you. Thanks again. Debbie M. The Pet Police" 07/07

"I have searched high and low on the internet and have not, even at a price, found the information that you provide for free. Your recent consultations have been invaluable as well. I will surely be purchasing from you & directing others your way. You are awesome! Thank you!"  Joe - Delco Dog Walkers, LLC - 04/07

"Stacy, I purchased your Dog Walkers Package as I said I would. Wow, I am very impressed! This was worth every penny and much, much more. I could have paid a consultant, an attorney, and a printer and still not have gotten the superb quality (and certainly not the speedy turn-around time) that I got from you. You have got a loyal customer and a free advertiser for life. I will tell everyone I know about Thanks and keep up the GREAT WORK! You truly provide a wonderful service."  Joe - Delco Dog Walkers

"Dear Stacey - I've been looking at the forms all afternoon and I just had to write you to tell you how absolutely blown away I am by the quality, the design, and the thoroughness. You have saved me hours of work and have given my business the professional look that I wanted. And the support you provide is just incredible. Thanks again. Chris" 04/07

"Hi Stacy-  Wanted to drop you a note expressing my deep gratitude for making these forms available to the public.  This package rocks!!!!  The amount of time it has saved me is not even measurable.  Used them on my first client call yesterday and will be walking two beautiful pugs starting next week.  My client commented on her surprise at how professional a "dog walking" business could be.  Thanks so much!!!!!! Erik" Pooches on Parade 04-07

"Thank you so very much for your wonderful work.  They are better than what I ever expected, they are perfect.  I did not expect all the House Cleaning forms to be so professional and beautiful at the same time.  After seeing all that is available on the web your work by far exceeded my expectations.  You were so creative using my logo and all the details in each and every form just make these forms so custom and not at all like those other cookie cuter forms.  I want to also thank you for the timely manner in which you finished them in.  Of all the purchases that I have had to make for my business, this has to be the most pleasant of them all.  I still cannot believe that for the small amount that you charged, I received this custom, beautiful package that I am so proud of.  You must be proud of the beautiful work that you have done.  You truly have a talent for what you do and an honest heart.  My very best wishes to you and your business, from a true fan and grateful customer.  Integrity Cleaning, Linda Bellezza, Las Vegas, NV."

"Hi Stacy, I received the disk and am very pleased with the forms. I like my contract for Anita's Home Care, but I truly think yours is the better one. Your contract included things that my attorney did not suggest when he looked over my original contract. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future."  Beverley 2/07
"I bought the manual last night and it is the best thing I have seen!  And, I didn't have to spend any time doing it myself!  I made a couple of small edits and printed it out and used it for a new employee today. I will be having my current employees sign it when they come into the office this week.  It's like you read my mind and put it on paper!  It says everything that I needed to say to my employees and more!  Now I can refer to the printed page for policies and procedures. I love simplifying my life!" Cathi-  At Home Pet Sitters, 01/07
"HI STACY...ALL I CAN SAY IS  EXCELLENT JOB  I LOVE THE PACKAGE. THANK YOU... THANK YOU ...THANK YOU. WOW......people need to know this process can be made easy with the outstanding support that BUSINESS FORMS.COM gives you" Rhonda Your Glorious Day 2/07

"Hi there, Just like to say a big thank you for doing such a great job on my business forms. With just a slight adjustment to them. Changing the dollar to a pound sign, it was so easy. You supplied me with a logo because I couldn't find one I liked. Looks great once again Thank You. Haley Cox" 11/06

"Dear Stacey; Boy I'm I glad to have found your website---As you say, they will and have saved me countless time & the  professional look!  I was thrilled to see all my business info on the forms & especially my LOGO--special thanks for that---Your forms help to inspire my start up business--it shows contacts that I am running a REAL business---THANKS AGAIN" Shari -Waggin Tails Dog Day Camp 06/06

"I just wanted to say Thank You so much the forms are Great!  I can't wait to start using them.  I now will look so professional when I go out on a estimate call."  Liz - Manasco Cleaning Service 02/06

"Let me tell you how happy I am with the pet sitter forms I ordered from you!  I must say I was a little nervous when I did it as I could not view them first.  If I had it to do all over again I would order them again.  Thanks for helping the start up process easier for me!"  Lisa -Rover's Relief  01/06

"I purchased your pet sitting contract and I am very pleased with the contract and how it was written. I had it review by an attorney and he also said it was well written and a very legal document. I would recommend your products to anyone starting out in their own business. Thank you so much for your wonderful products and for making the paper part of my business easier. With any new business there are trial and errors but you made my life so much easier with all the professional documents you offer. THANK YOU Sincerely, C.C Pet's Choice Pet Sitting Sunrise, Fl"
"I received your forms and they will make a big difference to the professionalism of my business.  Thank you.  Isn't it amazing I can get those so quickly from the other side of the world!" Pam, Petz@home, New Zealand 02/06

"I would sincerely like to thank you for your patience and prompt service in helping me set up my Australian Pet Care Business Forms. I have tried many websites to obtain information on Business Forms suitable for my pet care business but had no success until I visited yours. I was a bit concerned at first as you're an American Company but once in contact with you, I felt confident that this would not be a problem. I am very impressed with the detail on these forms and the flyers you sent. "

"These are AWESOME!  I've visited many websites to find forms such as these, but yours, by far, win hands down!  They are concise and VERY professional!  What a great product line!  Like you said, there's so much initial work and then constant tweaking; this has saved me countless hours that I can now spend on other projects.  Thanks so much!" Dawn- My Furry Godmother 9/05

"Hi Stacy, This is Sabrina, I recently ordered your Apartment proposal form.  I went and put in 7 bids yesterday and got an apartment complex. They were pleased with the proposal. How awesome!!!! Big money hopefully!!! Thanks a million!! Sabrina"
"Thank you I got the files and they all look very professional. Something that would have taken me weeks to do was a great alternative for $36."  Illinois Dog Walker
"I had been looking for an on line service for quite a while to put together contracts for my personal concierge service when I stumbled on Home Business Forms.  I was somewhat skeptical at first, but boy was I wrong.  The owner, Ms. Hansen, was the total professional!  She went above and beyond, and custom made my contracts.  Her prices are also great, especially for the small entrepreneur!  What I really like also is the contact and communication.  Unlike many other businesses, I heard from her right away and any time I had a question.  If you're looking for contracts for your business look no further than Home Business Forms.  Your business, your customers and most of all you, the business owner, will be very happy!!! M.A, Alabama December 2003"
"Just wanted to thank you for the great pet sitting forms! They reflect your talents in a very complimentary fashion!  You saved me so much time and work. Your forms were awesome!  Also...your "free" advice is so appreciated as well. Thanks for taking time out of your very busy life to give me the extra guidance I needed, there again, making my job much easier.  Those med forms are perfect...exactly what I had in mind. I just know in my personal experience that I have an elderly dog who takes several meds and my sitter has to give them to her. It's an ordeal sometimes explaining all of that. These forms will really help eliminate some of the whats and whens to meds. Thank you!!!!! You are great!  Thanks a million!! Tamala"
****updated review from Tamala****
"Hope all is well with you. I finally had time to read the review. I meant every saved the day for me.  My pet sitting business is taking off full swing and my clients are so impressed with the forms and organization I have...thanks to you. I've got 4-5 jobs lined up for Thanksgiving holidays and really...I'm getting ready to have to cut off any more jobs as I don't want to over schedule.  Thanks for everything. Tamala"

"Received the forms and they are excellent! I had made my own forms, but yours are better. I especially like the 'Contract'. It is very simple yet direct and your client checklist...I had not thought of that and what a great thing to have!  Great Job! Thanks, Robynn" (Carrollton, Texas)

"This is sooooo wonderful. You saved the day. I got more than I did all the fill in with my information that I thought I would be doing hurriedly right now.  Thank you so much!" (Christyne, The DOGz Cafe)

"This is wonderful and just what I needed .....simple and right to the point .. Without a lot of fancy words that could lead to a misunderstanding.  I like the way it's put together- crisp and clear---you do a wonderful job- and I thank you so very much- as I am just getting started....this is just the correct thing!!! KC-----  the Kritter Sitter  :-)"

"These are great!! I really didn't know what should go into the service contract.  Thank you so much!!"  Rochester, NY

"All the papers you sent me are very helpful and i really appreciate all the support you have given me, and you don't even know me! We need more people like you around.  thanks again.  Leigh"

"By the way, your website is fabulous and a terrific help with starting a new business.  This is going to save me hours of time (the most precious commodity) and thousands of dollar.  Thank you"

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